What's With The Slugs?

What's With The Slugs?

I’ve always enjoyed collecting fun trinkets and odd bits and bobs, as a kid I used to collect worry dolls (anyone else remember those?!) and I really liked having this little companion to carry around with me, tell my worries and woes to and to just hold in my pocket for comfort.

With my slugs I wanted to create something that basically combined all of the above with a good sprinkling of colour and whimsy that could bring a smile to even the grumpiest face.

Each and every slug is carefully hand-made by myself in my little home studio from high quality materials, before being hand-painted and glazed. Because every slug is hand-made from start to end, every single one is unique and there may be some minor differences or imperfections between slugs, but I hope that the time and care that goes into creating each slug makes it that bit more special when it ends up in its forever home!

My slugs are great to collect, I try to regularly come out with new designs (some of them limited runs!) and I'll be introducing more collectable related items in the near future!

My slugs are also great sensory objects, they’re pretty robust so can take being held tightly and carried around in a pocket or bag, and their shape means that they are easy to hold onto! Please note that despite the above, they are still technically art pieces and so they can chip/scratch if dropped onto a hard surface or knocked around with objects in the bottom of your bag. I'd recommend if you're taking them out on an adventure with you, to get them a little pouch or keep them in their own pocket to keep them safe! (I am currently looking into making some little carry pouches for them, I'll update you all when I have more info!)

And last but not least, they’re just kinda cool right?! If you just want a snazzy little critter to brighten up your desk, shelf, bedside table (who wouldn’t want to wake up to that face in the morning?!) look no further! And whilst you’re here, you might as well check out my selection of other creatures and collectibles!


(You can absolutely change their name if you fancy, I promise neither me nor the slug will be offended!)

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